Monday, October 29, 2007

World Series Final Thoughts

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Mike Lowell was a fine choice for MVP. Runner-up? Not jacoby, not Beckett. Varitek. He had timely hits. But the biggest reason would be the performance of the pitching staff. It is in no small part a testament to his efforts. He should be a Red Sox for life. As should Manny, Ortiz, Wakefield, Youk, Schilling. Papelbon, too, though he's young yet.

Fox's post-game coverage was just awful. We wanted to see the players and we had to listen to Henry, Lucchino, and Werner all say something. And then more blather from the talking suits. Sadly, I didn't have NESN set up to record.

The Red Sox will be a formidable force next year.


Luke said...

MVP should have been Papelbon.

Luke said...

Did anyone else see Manny's comment after Game 3? He said, "We don't want to eat the cake before your birthday." Ohhhh Manny.

Laura said...

There are a few videos of the celebration at, but not enought to satisfy me. Tons of pictures. I was furious about Fox's postgame coverage.

I am surprised the MVP wasn't Papelbon, but I agree with the choice. Lowell doesn't get enough credit sometimes.

Caleb said...

Chants by the crowd left in the stadium last night, and the crowd that greeted the team as they landed in Boston today, of "Don't sign A-Rod" and "Bring back Lowell."

Tom Werner says "We're gonna talk about it...but we hear what they're saying." Or so. That was pretty heavily paraphrased.

I feel like I haven't slept in days. Had a big exam this morning that put a serious damper on the World Series win. That, and the fact that I watched all four games alone in our office, yelling now and then and having to explain to Kate (in the next room) why I was yelling. Not quite as fun as watching it with Ruth and Andrew in 2004.

Dad said...

Really incredible news from the Yankees. Who will pay April-Rod what he's worth if the yankees and RS won't? Will Girardi succeed as Ynkees manager? How could they deny Mattingly?

And the question is asked, have the RS become the Yankees? If so, they haven't been nearly as stupid about it!

Laura said...

Did anyone else see the footage of PoppleBan rowing his Duckboat with a broom and with a huge cigar hanging out of his mouth? Its a riot. He is the life of the party.

Dad said...

Little Papi is a screech.

Mom said...

Laura, I am just now watching PoppleBan row the Duckboat and play air guitar on that broom. He is almost as funny as that rhythm band the bullpen had going during the games.