Tuesday, June 07, 2016

A random collection of pictures from Memorial Day weekend

A boat race.  The paddle boaters lost.

 Bright eyes.
 A three-way conversation.
 Jake doesn't fit in his bed.
 But he likes his life vest.
 And he likes welcoming boaters back from the sea.
 Also, hanging out with the ladies.
 Jamie the artist was highly productive all weekend.  Here's a seahorse, with Margot "for comparance." You can count her fingers.

 Here's part of the family.  I didn't get one of everyone together, but I've got a lovely mental picture of dinner in the Newton dining room with everyone gathered, laughing and clapping at wonderful family news.  It's framed in my memory, along with the family picture from Pittsburgh on a similar occasion a few years back.
 Ready for her close-up.
 More artwork, a joint project with Aunt Anna.
 And finally, Margot makes her way around the family.

Catching minnows on Memorial Day weekend

Or small fry, or larvae, or whatever they were.

Look closely.  It's in there!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Brother and sister

Update: Some similar photos from not so long ago.

Enormous changes at the last minute

You may have noticed that the blog doesn't look like this anymore:

At long last, we've updated to a new template. This happened because Dad and I have been noticing various bugs in the way the blog displays.  For instance, when we clicked through to look at an archived month, some of the posts weren't there.  They weren't gone - they were right where they belonged in the master list of all the posts on the blog on the Blogger dashboard - but they wouldn't show up on the blog itself.  Also, there was no "Newer/Older Posts" button, so it was hard to read the blog chronologically.

So, I asked for help in the Blogger Help Forum, and got a kind, prompt and completely helpful response from a knowledgeable soul who made several suggestions. Turns out the simplest answer was to enter the modern era, which I've now done. (The old blog is now safely mirrored on my hard drive, so we could revert to it if we ever needed to - something I learned how to do from the helpful articles provided by our friend at Blogger Help Forum.  I'll mirror the new one too, just for safety's sake).

I'm not entirely satisfied with the new design, so I'll be tweaking it as I figure out how.  So, go exploring and see what you think of the new layout. If you notice problems or have suggestions, post a comment! If you don't, post a comment anyway. I hate it when nobody comments.  :-)

One more thing: I invited Kate to be a contributor (It's about time - she's only been married to Caleb for six years) and re-invited Jason because he's identified as "Unknown" in the contributor list for some reason, and I can't seem to fix it. So, Kate and Jason, you should get an email.  If not, let me know.