Tuesday, June 07, 2016

A random collection of pictures from Memorial Day weekend

A boat race.  The paddle boaters lost.

 Bright eyes.
 A three-way conversation.
 Jake doesn't fit in his bed.
 But he likes his life vest.
 And he likes welcoming boaters back from the sea.
 Also, hanging out with the ladies.
 Jamie the artist was highly productive all weekend.  Here's a seahorse, with Margot "for comparance." You can count her fingers.

 Here's part of the family.  I didn't get one of everyone together, but I've got a lovely mental picture of dinner in the Newton dining room with everyone gathered, laughing and clapping at wonderful family news.  It's framed in my memory, along with the family picture from Pittsburgh on a similar occasion a few years back.
 Ready for her close-up.
 More artwork, a joint project with Aunt Anna.
 And finally, Margot makes her way around the family.


Dad said...

Jeez, that Jason is handsome, doncha think?

Laura said...

Well I certainly think so!

Dad said...

The paddle boaters lost. The paddle boater won.

Caleb said...

I look like I'm about to fight someone behind the camera in that family shot...