Monday, April 25, 2016

Meeting Miss Margot

 A family of four . . . 

. . . having fun!

A lacy little girl, all covered in Grandma's knitting.

Most of the time, of course, she sleeps (except at night.)

But she has lovely, fleeting moments of calm alertness.

In case the green-striped frog suit looks familiar, that's because it is.  Here's big brother wearing it four years ago.

Sleeping again, that sweet baby sleep.

Why a snail, you ask? Jamie's a sweet, delighted, affectionate and attentive big brother, but he was also ready to appreciate some sibling-free time outdoors We spent quite a lot of time hunting for nature outside in the soft new spring warmth, and we found a good bit, even among the streets and sidewalks.  Snails, ants, slugs, a pillbug, various beetles, an early butterfly, earthworms, lots of pale insect larvae that looked something like miniature white lobsters, and all kinds of new green spring growth.

When he's inside, Jamie spends a lot of time drawing - mostly sea creatures, naturally. The creatures in this drawing were outlined by me according to his strict instructions, and then colored and detailed by him. All of the creatures are chasing each other. He's telling Caleb it's a picture of a show called "Hunter and Hunted." When he tells you about things like this, he comfortably and naturally uses words like "beneficial" and phrases like "symbiotic relationship." 

The surprise of an unexpected kitty tail in your brand new face.

Half-asleep. You can hear her breathe.

She's tiny, smaller than any of my babies were at birth, darker-haired than Jamie, and just a dear peanut. I spent a few quiet nighttime hours with her sleeping in my arms in in the recliner in the living room that were too tender for words.

 I want to go back!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy Birth Day to Margot Catherine!

We are shamefully far behind on blog posts, but I'm not missing this one.  Photos stolen from Caleb's Facebook page.

She could be Jamie in this first one!

Welcome to the world, little one!