Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Birds, birds, birds

Within five minutes of arriving at the lake this evening I saw: some ring-necked ducks, a loon, what was probably a merganser but too far away to be certain, two mute swans, a bluebird, a bunch of robins and blackbirds, a pair of geese, and a young bald eagle.  And that's not to mention the kingfisher on the telephone wire on the way up here.  In a month or two, I suppose we'll settle back into a mostly-geese monoculture, but right now this place is a living poster for ornithological diversity.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

New windows

Sliders instead of casements, forest green outdoors, quiet beige indoors.  Inside, the house feels tighter and quieter, but the windows seem larger and the view is wider and more spacious without those thick white mullions down the middle of the old casements. Outside, the house looks sleeker and more minimal than before. Much better.

And another new thing:

Update, as requested by Laura: a picture for comparison of the house from before Grandma Frey bought it, showing the old white windows with thick strips in the middle - and also showing the old brick-red trim, before we repainted it green and re-stained the logs.