Monday, October 29, 2007

Series Over! Mom Wins!

Who's the new baseball guru among us? Who stayed up to celebrate her victory long after I went to bed? Yup, Mrs. Red Sox, Mom.

The final standings:

Mom 26
Luke 25
Me 22
Laura 21
Don 19
Kate 18
Jason 18
Michelle 17
Caleb 11
Judi 10
Claire 8
Shawn 5

Send along your $5, cash, no checks. Do it today so it doesn't slip through the cracks. Thanks for playing everyone. We'll do it again next year if the Sox are in it, and we'll modify the scoring a bit to improve the competition.


Spongy Penguin said...

I think we should do something like this more than every year... how bout every week? And maybe move the time a little earlier so I can stay on and comment.

Luke said...

Also next time scoring differential should affect the amount of money owed. No I'm not just bitter because I lost by 1 point.

Okay maybe I am just a little bitter.

Spongy Penguin said...

Maybe you just shouldn't play at all. I didn't, and it's working out really well. Though I guess I did have a 1/13ish chance of winning...

Caleb said...

Spongy is just begging for a Pats-Colts game thread this Sunday.

Dad said...

Somebldy else will have to handle the football threads.

Weekly, Spongy, weekly?

And what, is no one going to offer congratualations to Mom? Mom won the pool! Mom! Cassie! How incredible is that?

Claire said...

My congrats to Cassie have been sent snail mail along with the cash. But I'm sorry not to have mentioned it here on the ever important blog. I did have a huge flash back to when I first met Cassie and was wondering if she even knew a thing about baseball. Now she's a winner extraordinaire and game thread hostess. Change is always possible. It's a very cool thing Cassie won!!

Laura said...

What Dad? You're Surprised?! How rude!!

Congrats Mom. I will give you five bucks sometime, hahahaha.

Judi said...

I'm with Claire, both are in the mail . . .

But for the Cubs, Cassie was perfect with the picks, and I can't help but think she was led astray there . . .

Mom said...

Claire, I did not, in fact, even know a thing about baseball. I grew up in a football house. For many years, the main thing I knew about baseball was that it is fun to say "A swing 'n' a miss!" And that has not changed all that much, to tell you the truth, except that now I can think of quite a few other things that are fun about baseball. Including winning contests. ;-)