Friday, May 08, 2009


What? No post radio? I listened all day to XM 175. Great stuff. I was sure someone would pull a thread on our internets about it. And more on Remy NESN, Eck, REd Sox. I think it has been the most interesting bb season in a couple years. I'll write more later when I don't have to go to the barn.

(Joke) How do you make Mom happy? Take her to a minor league game and feed her. Mom LOVED the Chiefs/RS game. I mean everything about it. We had two italian sausages, a helmet full of popcorn, the kind of cheese and chips that aren't yours, and french fries. Mom loved the sky, the planes, the trains, the jet trails. We saw Daniel Bard pitch. Mom likes guys with cameras.

If someone had told me thirty years ago that my wife would love going to baseball games and want to go to all the stadiums I'd have said, yeah right.

ON XM yesterday, of all the excellent stuff, Reggie Jackson was the best. Who knew?


Dad said...

We also had two large brewskis. Apiece.

Mom said...

It's all true. Loved it all. I'm as surprised as anybody to discover that I love ball parks. But what's not to love?

I do have pictures but can't post them easily because my computer is kaput. I may love ball parks but I do not love computers.

adam said...

I saw Bard hit 99 on the gun here in Portland last summer. I like what I see from Bowden, Clay and Bard...We also have seen some great stuff from Tazawa... We are stacked with pitching right now... Watch out for Casey Kelly hes been lights out in the Carolinas.

Dad said...

The RS will be good for a long time to come.

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