Sunday, May 17, 2009

Goodbye, Aunt Teresa

I'm sad to say that my father's sister Teresa died on Thursday. She was 80 years old and still lived in the house on West First Street in Corning where Grandpa Frey grew up. Here is a link to her obituary and here is a link to a lovely video tribute with many, many Frey family pictures going back through the decades.

I'll be in Corning for her wake and funeral today and tomorrow.


Laura said...

I'm sorry, Mom. Will Grandma and Grandpa be able to go to Corning for the funeral?

Luke Murphy said...

I'm sorry as well, Mom.

Was that the house where we stayed when we were visiting people in Corning together 10 or so years ago?

Michele said...

So sorry for your loss.
The slide show was beautiful... Very touching... We did something similar when my mom passed away... She had many of the same shirts that my mom wore.. and an identical Buffalo Bill sweat shirt... It brought back even more memories... It was wonderful to honor her in this manner.

Dad said...

Laura, Grandpa, Chris, Pete, and Ned all made it to the funeral.

Luke, I think so.

Michele, thank you.

Aunt Theresa was a rare bird. She was known as Freddie the Freeloader on the football pool. She was deeply loved by the vast Frey family.

Mom said...

Dad answered everybody's questions. Thanks, Dad! I am just getting my new computer up and running (thanks again, Dad) and will make a blog post later on with some pictures from the Corning trip, including some pictures of the house, which will now, sooner or later, be sold out of the Frey family for the first time in 106 years.

I've got some other family blog posts to make, too. Wow am I behind.