Friday, February 05, 2010

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Five years ago . . .

Luke was a junior in high school

Laura was a freshman at Geneseo

Caleb was living in Amherst Ithaca [Ed.: I knew that! Really!!]

Mouse was relaxed

and Panda loved the snow.

We did get a couple of favorite-post nominations. Laura likes Dad's Valentine's Day posts. (So do I.) And Luke likes Stuff on our Dog.

How could you not?

This blog has been a kind of substitute family hearth as we've spread out farther and farther away from the real one. It gets harder to keep it up as everyone gets deeper into their Real Lives. But let's not stop, okay?


Caleb said...

Ithaca, actually, not Amherst.

I, too, like the blog.

Mom said...


Dad said...

This is my favorite post.

Laura said...

What kind of life was I living before? A Fake Life?

Mom said...

A Boring Life. (Don't tell Caleb.)