Monday, November 09, 2009

Uncle Ned at work

Both of these are featured in a collection of funny song graphs and Venn diagrams here, and yes, indeed, Uncle Ned is Mister Hippity. It's possible to vote for your favorite and, even though some of the others are pretty funny (see for example the Meatloaf one), Uncle Ned's contributions currently rank #2 and #7. What a world!


I am advised by The Artist Himself that he has been even busier than I realized.

Currently ranked #6.


Anonymous said...

Does this guy have a lot of time on his hands, or what? Sheesh!!

Luke Murphy said...

Haha, cool.

Dad said...

I don't know what everyone else thinks of when they look at the 50 Ways graph, but I know what I think of. And I'll bet mister Hippity thinks of it, too.

Mom said...

I know what I think of, and I have a feeling it's not what either Dad or Mister Hippity thinks of.

"If I had a Hammer" is currently #1. Keep those votes rolling in!