Thursday, November 05, 2009

MFYs/Colin WIN!

The best team won. Johnny Damon was a hero. It's time for a little humble pie, Red Sox fans.


Mom said...

Congratulations, Colin!

Laura said...

I guess we'll have to tip our hats and call Colin our daddy.

Hahaha. Awkward.

Dad said...

Maybe this will stoke the fires of the Red Sox.

Congratulations, Colin. I don't hate the Yankees as much as I used to.

Luke, email me Colin's address pls.

Caleb said...

"Alex Rodriguez's transformation from A-Fraud and A-Roid to the quintessential player of his generation was probably the spark..."

I must have missed that transformation. Sure, he was decent in the postseason, but how is he now the quintessential player of the generation, and what does that even mean anyway?

Stupid Yankees. Double congratulations to Colin, though.

Luke Murphy said...

I really hate the pro-salary-cap whiners on the comment thread on that article.

Kongsapurapeonc, Koren.

Laura said...

Don't worry Dad, I can take up the torch. I dislike them as much as ever. And no Luke, not because of their payroll.

But props to them, anyway. They certainly were the best team in baseball this year.

Colin said...

Thanks everybody :)

This was a pretty good decade for baseball in our whole region, with the Yankees and Red Sox each winning 2 WS and the Phillies winning 1.

Time to switch into football mode!