Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dad in concert

Earlier this year, Dad met Red Raville when we joined the Sherburne Community Chorus. Shortly thereafter, Dad played the piano at a gathering at Clippingers' that Red attended -- and here's a result. On Saturday, Dad played with Red at the Vet's Home in Oxford. They sounded lovely. It didn't occur to me to bring the video camera, but once we got there I remembered that the regular camera can take short videos. Here are some clips. They're truncated and the sound may not be the greatest, but it'll give you the feel.


Luke Murphy said...

That's great Dad!

Why is the bass player dressed as a present?

Mom said...

Luke -- it was Halloween. He's a good sport. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That was perfectly wonderful -- looked like great fun as well as great music!

Judi C.