Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From Montauk

. . . where Jamie's making tracks toward the ocean.


Dad said...

Great picture!

Laura said...

Quick, catch him before he tries to swim!

Mom said...

When Caleb was that age and we lived by the frigid waters of Casco Bay in Maine, you couldn't let go of him on the beach or he would run straight into the water -- even in winter, fully clad in a snowsuit. Looks as if Jamie has inherited this quality.

I recently ran across a letter I wrote to Grandma and Grandpa back then, describing Caleb spending whole afternoons transferring buckets of sand from the beach into the water and crying in possessive fury if anybody else dared to go swimming in "his" ocean. He also liked to eat grapes, which he called "beeps."

Caleb said...

Jamie calls the beach a beep, actually.

And he did not inherit my love for the beach, at least not yet. I was lucky to get these pictures when we first put him down, because he has spent the rest of the time on the beach hugging Kate's leg.

More pics/video this weekend.

Mom said...

The sun's in my eyes
and there's wrinkles in my knees
and I'm scared
all the time!

Caleb said...

More pictures are currently being uploaded here:

I'm at work, otherwise I would publish them here too.