Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Blog layout

I know we've had this blog format since 2005 and it's really cutting edge and all, but are there other designs for the blog we can try? I'm wondering if a different format might allow us to post videos from youtube without them getting cropped. I'd try some new settings but I can't find the option anywhere - maybe only certain people can do it?


Mom said...

Now now. "Cutting edge" might not be the kindest thing to call our venerable design.

What I recall is picking one of several pre-designed templates that were somewhere on Blogger. Maybe there's a newer one now. They can be designed from scratch, but I dunno how.

Mom said...

OK, there's info here: http://support.google.com/blogger/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=176245

However, I went to the editing page -- by going to Blogger Dashboard, clicking the down-arrow to the right of the post list for Murphies, and then clicking "Template" -- and was immediately frightened by the warning that I would have to upgrade my template. Ack! Change!! Scary1!!

Caleb, you may change it if you wish -- I agree that we should do something about the difficulty of posting youtube videos -- but try to save some sort of sidebar with the archive lists and such -- I use those and like them. And try not to lose the link to SiteMeter at the bottom.

Mom said...

I just changed you from an "Author" to an "Admin" in the settings (changed Luke and Laura too) so you should have whatever permission you need to make changes.

Dad said...

well, wait a minute. I'm sick of change. It's often not an improvement. I went in and edited the video in the HTML. It's easy to do. The number that's often 5** has to be more like 400.

Mom said...

Caleb, it seems that the problem could be solved just by widening the settings for the existing template, but I fooled around with the template settings using the preview feature and couldn't find a way to do it that looks right. Maybe you can, or maybe there's a new template that would widen things up without making too many other changes.