Friday, April 26, 2013

Doin' the Laundry


Luke Murphy said...

Somebody watched Red Eye this morning.

Dad said...

Couldja hear me laughin'?

Red Eye is almost not worth watching when Greg's not there. Though Bill is usually hysterical. Gavin McGinnis is the best. And Kennedy is good. Don't like Joe Derosa or Paul Mecurio. And the show has the worst sound technicians. Nearly every show there is one or two guests who are mic'ed in such a way that they are nearly unintelligible.

Luke Murphy said...

Tom Shillue is really good though. I don't mind it so much when he's hosting, but I don't think Andy makes a very good host. He is Ombudsman for life.

Joe DeRosa is obnoxious but at least makes me laugh sometimes. Not so much Paul Mercurio.

Besides Gavin McInnes, my favorite guest they have is Sherrod Small.