Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Environmentalist's Prayer

Dear Gaia,

No Frack.

No Drill.

No Nukes. Never.

No dirty coal.
No clean coal, either.

No foreign oil.
No offshore oil.
No onshore oil.
No Alaskan oil.

No carbon dioxide. No carbon. No chemicals. No artificial fertilizer.

No preservatives. No additives. No antibiotics. No hormones. No trans-fats.

No burning. No smoking. No toilet paper. No paper. No landfills.

No SUVs. No incandescent lightbulbs.

Gaia, cover the hills with windmills and coat the valleys with solarpanels.

No people.

Save the planet.


Dad said...

Additions and editing suggestions welcomed.

Laura said...

No plastic!

Mom said...

My edit is for the last two lines:

No people. (Except me.)

Save the planet. (So I can have it all to myself.)

Luke Murphy said...

No more stairs.

Laura said...