Monday, November 15, 2010

On Cheating

Very interesting and discouraging read.


Mom said...

At this point, if I were a professor, I think I'd base all my grades on essays written in class (by hand, on paper, no computers allowed, no multiple-choice questions) and oral exams.

In case anybody doubts this is a widespread problem, here's a college student at the University of Central Florida commenting on the stupidity of his professor, who made his business class of 600 students retake a midterm after discovering that about 200 of them had cheated by getting an answer key in advance:

"UCF student Konstantin Ravvin told ABC News he thought UCF’s so-called cheating scandal had been blown out of proportion.

“This is college, everyone cheats. Everyone cheats in life in general,” Ravvin told ABC News. “I just think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in this testing lab who hasn’t cheated on an exam. They’re making a witch hunt out of absolutely nothing, as if they want to teach us some sort of moral lesson.”"

As if!

Mom said...

Oh, and good luck to THAT guy finding a job after college! Except maybe at Enron . . .

Luke Murphy said...

But Mom! If everybody does it, then that makes it okay!