Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We have gone insane.

It's over and we lose. The insanity, from global warming hysteria to "health care reform" is now permanent. Your lives are being controlled by forces beyond your control. I hereby "give up." The weenies of the world win.


Luke Murphy said...

This makes me pretty angry too, but hasn't this been going on for years? I thought it was normal for kids to get suspended for having weapons in their cars (not saying I think it's okay).

Mom said...

Yes, it has, though there do seem to be a lot of news stories about it just recently, so maybe it's getting worse. (Look for the one about the elementary-school girl who was expelled because her grandmother sent in a birthday cake with a knife. The teacher used the knife to cut the cake BEFORE turning in the girl -- whose expulsion was overturned in the end.) But back when I was on the S-E school board, we had the case of a high school boy who went deer-hunting early in the morning and then went to school -- with his deer-hunting gun still in the cab of his truck. The entire Board rebelled but the lawyers told us that a one year suspension was mandatory under what I believe was a federal law and gave us no discretion whatsoever.