Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh, Dear.

Well, I was hoping for more exciting baseball this post season for us Red Sox fans. Things could not have turned out any worse. The game was won yesterday, but for Papelbon, who has been stalwart, but who also talks a little too much. And the MFYs swept the Twins and look invincible. Hats off to them.

Caleb looks to be in the lead in the contest, being three for three.

Anybody wants to make comments on the Red Sox collapse, I'd be interested in your take on it.


Claire said...

Shades of the past I'm afraid.

Luke Murphy said...

Well this is just going to happen some years. Papelbon is awesome, but sometimes he's just going to blow one. Look at Rivera, he was "choking" all the time against the Red Sox and other teams a few years ago, but now he's still around and he's still lights out. Papelbon will be fine.

In game 1 Lester got blatantly cheated out of two outs at first base by the umpires. I don't think that that would've been enough to change things, but it certainly doesn't help. What I really didn't like though was all the defensive miscues that the Sox made.

Also, this Angels team is a hell of a lot better than Angels teams in the past that the Sox have beaten up on. They actually have people who uhh, oh I don't know, get on base?

The Red Sox had some problems this year, but ultimately they were a good team. Ya win some ya lose some. What matters is that they're going to continue winning 90-100 games every year and putting themselves in position to contend. During this particular offseason though, I think they need to find a way to make some big moves in order to contend with the Yankees. Teixeira and Sabathia just make that team kind of ridiculous.

Laura said...

Well, I'm definitely disappointed, but I can't say I'm surprised. The Red Sox were a good team this year, but they really weren’t a GREAT team. They could have been if all the cogs in the machine were going full strength at the same time, but that never seemed to happen. This season they were plagued by injuries and ineffectiveness.

I’m mostly bummed today because it is the end of baseball for the next 5 or 6 months, not because the Red Sox aren’t going to win the World Series. Football certainly doesn’t cut it for me. I tried to sit through a game yesterday and I truly can’t understand why so many people watch it.

I guess I’ll half-heartedly cheer for the Phillies and whoever is playing the Yankees. I can’t really make myself care though, because I really dislike the Angels. I can’t stand the way they bash each other to the press.

I’m a creature of habit and I usually like to see teams stick together. But I would really like to see a big old blockbuster deal this off-season. The Sox need something to shake them up.

Also, the Red Sox lost ALL three games so I'm really hoping that too much blame doesn't land on Papelbon's shoulders. I DO hope that maybe Papelbon will open his mouth less often. I'm not saying baseball players shouldn't be allowed to speak their minds, I just like to listen to players whose minds are more worth listening to. I like him a lot, he is very funny. But still.

Dad said...

I've been worried about Papelbon for awhile. Most of his saves have been struggles. Either hitters have figured him out, or he has lost an edge. It's like watching Dice-K. Load the bases and then squeak out of the inning.

It made me nervous when Francona brought him in in the eighth. I thought at the time that he should have gone to Okajima.

I certainly don't think he should shoulder all the blame. But usually I'd feel sorry for the goat. Not this time. His cockiness makes me more angry than sorry.