Saturday, September 12, 2009


Without looking it up, who played CF for the Red Sox in their home opener, 2004?

RF? 1B? 2B? SS?


Caleb said...

CF should be Johnny Damon, but I'm guessing it wasn't for some reason.

RF - Trot was hurt...Cesar Crespo?
1B - Millar
2B - Bellhorn
SS - Pokey Reese (Nomar hurt)

That's my best guess.

Luke Murphy said...

Hmmm, I don't really remember who the Sox back-ups were then.

Was RF Gabe Kapler?
Other than that I'm going with Caleb's guesses. I couldn't come up with anything better without looking it up.

Ahh okay, just looked it up. I won't say the answers yet though.

Luke Murphy said...

Nice 3-run double for Gonzalez!

Dad said...

Cesar Crespo was in center. I could not recall him at all.
Kapler in right. McCarty must've (or, as they say on the internets, must of) been a defensive replacement for Millar.

Terry Francona looked so young.

Pokey made a terrible play, bobbling a grounder to the left of the mound, and then throwing the ball into the dugout.

On 9/11, the whores at NESN, in the middle of America the Beautiful, cut to Jerry Remy's hideous Ace Tickets commercial.

On the plus side for the whores at NESN, they do a lot for the Jimmy Fund.

Gonzo rocks.

Luke Murphy said...

Wait a minute, where are you getting this from, Dad? I looked it up, and what I see is Damon at CF, Millar at RF, Ortiz at 1B, Pokey at SS, and Bellhorn at 2B.

Dad said...

Well, i could be in error. I saw parts of the 4/11/04 game at home against the Jays. I assumed it was the home opener. Crespo was definitely in center. Ortiz could have started at first, and Millar in right, but when I saw it Kapler was in right and McCarty at first. I'll check it again shortly.

Dad said...

OK, it was Schilling's debut, so it may have been the second game with Pedro starting the opener, but I guess you'll have to look it up. It was definitely Crespo, Kapler, Reese, Bellhorn, and Millar at first. Sorry for the confusion.

I was mostly struck by who the hell is Crespo? WShat happened to him, BTW?