Sunday, September 13, 2009

Choosing a Wife

In some circles I'm considered an expert in the field, so this interested me.


Dad said...

Here's another way to use math to choose a wife: Hand the potential candidate a checkbook with a few pages of entries and see if she can add and subtract well enough to compute the balance.

I'm sure the fairer sex will have something to say about this "choosing a wife" stuff. I can hear it now.

Caleb said...

Interesting stuff.

I still think the best test is whether or not they reach over to unlock your door for you while you walk around the car after you open the passenger door for them.

If not, I wouldn't even bother getting in the car.

Dad said...

Perfect! See now, we need more of these metrics. Of course, we can immediately rule out the ones that punch you in the face after you open the passenger door for them.