Monday, June 15, 2009

Edna Goes Camping, Pt. 1

Edna went camping with us this weekend at the DAR. She said she'd like to go but probably wouldn't spend the night.
Beedle e deet-de dee! Two Ladies!

And I'm the only man. Ja!

A game of war. A little surreptitious bottom of the deck dealing helps insure that the war doesn't last forever. And it's not the answer, either.
[Edit by Mom: Behind Grandma, you can see her bed. After the card game she asked to try it out, so we helped her in. She said she was just testing it and wasn't planning to sleep, but once she settled in, she went straight to sleep and napped until almost dinner time. After she woke up, we asked her if she still wanted to go back to Sunbridge that day. She firmly declared that she'd just as soon wait until the next day to go back -- so that's what we did.]

Mom, er, Edna, really liked playing with the fire. If she couldn't reach it, she'd tell you what she wanted done.

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Kate said...

These photos are terrific! Thank you to Claire for sending me the link. Love you, Aunt Edna, and your wonderful family!