Sunday, June 23, 2013


One of the best posts ever.

We just bought a new (used) popup (with a slide-out dinette and a bump-out vanity, and have spent three of the last four nights in the old popup parked alongside Plymouth Reservoir, so camping is on our minds.  We were trying to remember our previous camping trips and there one of them was.  On the blog!  Eight years running now!   


Mom said...

Not just parked along Plymouth Reservoir but by the lapping lake waters in the ferns and willows, under the great white supermoon by the campfire in the sweet June evening. There was a mayfly hatch, a million dancing white winged beings all over the lake just above the water, mayflies blown off the water, swarming around us, and a single mayfly who chose my kindle to cling to and, in the small gleam of the kindle light, closed its wings and spread weirdly before my eyes from head to toe into two bugs, one of whom flew away in a swift flutter of white wings while the other stayed there clinging to the edge of the kindle, a dead white empty shell, a moult left behind. It turns out that's what mayflies do. Wait 'til you see the new pop up. Whoo! Pretty spiffy!

Luke Murphy said...

I don't think I know what are any of the things in this post. "Popup," "slide-out dinette," "bump-out vanity." All Greek to me!

Love the old Panda pictures though. What a happy dog.

Laura said...

My favorite part of that old post (besides the pictures of Panda), is the subaru ad 4 pictures down.