Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bigfoot Goes South

Grandma Frey's cat Bigfoot has finally found a home with a retired veterinary technician in Florida who has a lot of land and a bunch of animals (rather like Grandma) and has always wanted an ocicat.  We tried a couple of ideas for getting him there, such as meeting by car someplace in between, and finally ended up deciding to fly him down there.  It turns out that Delta has a pet shipping division that does this all the time, using climate control all the way, and not as horrendously expensive as one might think.  I made his reservation the other day and took him to Syracuse this morning in a fancy enormous cat carrier that Dad kindly adapted to comply with Delta's safety requirements: metal hardware holding it together rather than the plastic that came with the crate, feeding bowl and water bottle clamped to the door.  It had to be enormous because Delta requires a certain amount of space all around the animal, and the required vet check beforehand revealed that Bigfoot weighs twenty-one pounds!  (I was guessing sixteen to eighteen.  Shows what I know.)

Bigfoot is now mid-air on his way to Tallahassee.  Maybe it's just as well that I didn't take a picture when I left him in the air cargo warehouse peering anxiously through the metal bars on the door of his great big cage.  While I'm very glad he finally has a good home, it was a little sad to say goodbye to the last of the many, many, many animals that were part of Grandma's life for so many years. 

Here's how he looks right this minute:


Luke Murphy said...

Goodbye Fat Back! Or Big John. Or maybe Sasquatch. Ugh. Could never remember that cat's name.

Caleb said...

I forgot to comment on this earlier but it's really great news. Hope the trip went off without a hitch, and I'm glad he found somewhere to go. Sounds like a good home!