Friday, January 20, 2012


Define the relationship between these numbers:

81, 11, 56, 14, 90, 72, 16, 66, 33, 12, 24.


Luke Murphy said...

Now this one has me completely stumped.

Mom said...

As for this one, I am stuck.

Mom said...

Ha haha we posted those both at once.

Luke Murphy said...

Yeah and one of my legs is both the same.

Luke Murphy said...

Yeah these are just random numbers. Funny trick, Dad!

dad said...

They are NOT random.

Luke Murphy said...

R-r-r-random, r-r-random! Just saying whatever numbers come into the top of your head! Ooh! It's a picture of New York!

Dad said...

The same solution applies to the following numbers:

Also, New York. N-n-n-new York.

But not New Jersey.

Luke Murphy said...


Dad said...

Uh, Mom gave you the answer in Augghhh!

Mom? Time to spell it out, so to speak.

Laura said...

Mom! Tell us.

Luke Murphy said...


Luke Murphy said...

I made Anna tell me the answer.

Luke Murphy said...

Good puzzle Dad, you win.

They ARE just a bunch of random numbers!

Mom said...

Let's see. The solution applies to each of these:
Caleb Edwin Murphy

Laura Mae Murphy

Catherine Frey Murphy

but not to:

Lucas Edward Murphy

or Thomas Frederick Murphy.

It does not apply to "random numbers" but does apply to "numbers random."

It applies to
angry brown crocodiles
but not to
furious red crocodiles.

Think about initials.

Dad said...

Not random. They were chosen for their alphabetical attributes.

How did Anna know the answer?

Luke Murphy said...

They are random numbers placed in a non-random order. You could do it with any 9 numbers you choose.

Anna is just really smart like that. And pretty, too.