Friday, January 20, 2012


Don't google this one. It's tricksy.

One day walking in a street, Caesar meets his old math teacher. Happy to meet him, he says hello to the teacher but he doesn't remember that his teacher answers everything with a puzzle:
-- How are you doing, professor? It's been a long time since we don't meet! Are your daughters ok? How old are they now?
-- Multiplying the three ages you get 36
-- But that's not enough to know the ages!
-- So, add up the ages and you'll get the number of that house across the street.
Caesar starts calculating, but still can't figure out. The professor seeing that he wouldn't be able to find the answer says:
-- The oldest girl plays the piano...
That's what Caesar needed to know to figure out the problem. How old is each girl?


Laura said...


Caleb said...

I can not figure out for the life of me what the second clue implies. Otherwise, it seems that the options are:

12, 3, and 1
9, 4, and 1
9, 2 and 2
18, 2, and 1 (that would be something)
6, 3, and 2
4, 3, and 3

I don't think there are many 4 year olds that can play the piano, but otherwise, I am stuck here.

Luke Murphy said...

You forgot one possible set of factors, Caleb, and it's the key to the puzzle. I think.

Luke Murphy said...

Loras dum.

Mom said...

There are two or three more ways to factor 36 to find before you move on to the next clue. Once you have them all, do the next step & stare at them for awhile. I thought of that about 4-year-olds, too, but that was not the answer.

Also, it is not true that l & a had no help, though they had less help than I did.

Luke Murphy said...

I think Mozart was playing the piano pretty well when he was 4. The "piano" part is just a distraction anywho.

Caleb said...

OK got it.

Mom said...

Now can' t somebody get the other one??

dad said...

The piano part is NOT a distraction, but it's the last thing you need to worry about. This puzzle should be solved step by step. First, get the combinations. Second, determine the number of the house across the street. Third, use the last clue to solve. It ain't easy, but it's all perfectly logical.

Luke Murphy said...

Oh I already got it, and yes the piano part is a distraction. The key word isn't "piano," it's "oldest."

Dad said...


Caleb said...

The key for me was realizing that even though I couldn't read the number of the house across the street, the guys in the riddle could.