Thursday, April 14, 2011

John Sebastian Frey 1926-2011

Grandpa Frey died Monday night after battling Parkinson's disease in his later years. He never complained about his affliction. He did as much as he could for himself for as long as he could. He was grateful for the efforts of his family to keep him home and comfortable as long as possible.

He grew up one of ten children in a small house in Corning. He played football, served his country, and graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School. He was proof that hard work will lead to success.

He was highly intelligent and had a remarkable memory. It was never necessary to say things to him twice, and he remembered every thing ever told to him. He disliked telling jokes, saying, as his mother did, that one should only tell jokes about oneself. Yet, he always got the joke. He was delighted by his children and grandchildren, and they are his legacy.

It was an honor to help care for him in his last years. I will miss him.

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Laura said...

Beautifully written Dad.