Friday, April 08, 2011

By Way of Reply

Foreplay in Smyrna (or North Brookfield): Get in the Back of the Truck!

And a request was made some time ago for the Tickets to Pittsburgh joke which has pleased many generations of Murphies. This is it, to the best of my knowledge:

A priest and a rabbi approach the train ticket window where the young lady behind the counter is quite clearly braless. The priest says, "We'd like two pickets to Tittsburgh, please!" The Rabbi says, "Yes, and can we have our change in dimes and nipples?"

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howard ziff said...

I heard it this way:
a guy comes to work on Wednesday with a really huge black eye. His boss is curious and inquires. He responds, "well, you remember that on Monday I went to Pittsburg on business and when I got to the ticket counter there was this gorgeous ticket agent in a very tight T-shirt, obviously braless and marvelouslly endowed. I asked her for two Pickets to Tittsburg and that is how i got the shiner."