Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Places We've Been, Part I

We went camping in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago, and we had beautiful beach days both on Saturday and Sunday. We didn't get to see Caleb and Kate, but from the beach we visited on Sunday, we did see Brooklyn . . . from a distance.

This is the view from the beach. If you enlarge these pictures, you'll be able to spot the Empire State Building in the center. Staten Island and Brooklyn are in the foreground.

Here's where we were, on the sandy spit of land pointing north from New Jersey -- which is Gateway National Recreation Area, Sandy Hook, New Jersey. The first picture above was taken looking north from the eastern side of the spit of land; the second was taken looking due north from the northern end.

Planes landing at JFK use Sandy Hook to point them north as they enter the landing pattern. One after another, they pop out of the eastern sky, roar straight toward the beach, turn north directly overhead, and disappear into the haze over Manhattan. Keep watching long enough and you'll see them far off to the east, reappearing from the north low in the sky and landing at JFK. It's oddly engrossing.

There was a hurricane somewhere off shore, and the surf was rough, but Dad went in.

The water was gorgeous

and so were the sunflowers.

There was even a wedding party on the beach, although it looked a little more like a funeral with everybody but the bride in black.

It was a great place. We'll go back someday -- though we hear it's really crowded on summer weekends. Recommended!

Places We've Been, Part II will appear shortly.

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Laura said...

That is a very dour looking wedding party.