Saturday, November 17, 2007

McDonald's Coffee

I love going to Dunkin' Donuts for the donuts and for when I can say, "Medium coffee with cream and sugar" and I don't have to open packets of sugar and creamers and clean up after my self. And they don't say, "How many of each?" they just put in some cream and sugar. Just do it and give it to me please.

Wel, mcDonald's got smart, first by finally getting good coffee that beat out all the big names in a CR test, and second by handing out coffee that is fully prepared. I like that. The only part I don't like is haveing to have a conversation about how many of each. Just put in some cream and sugar and give it to me. I'm not fussy. Anyway, I like the McDonald's commercial about it.


Laura said...

None more dollars!

Caleb said...

So they really do have good coffee now? I've been scoffing at their commercials lately. McDonalds coffee has always been so disgusting.

Dunkin Donuts always oversugars stuff. If I want a little sugar in my coffee (and I actually never do anymore), I tell them no sugar and grab a packet myself, otherwise it ends up tasting like candy.