Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Buy your wife a Lexus/BMW/Acura for Christmas

What's with all these attempts at tear-jerking heart-warming ads for upper-middle income husbands "surprising" their wives with new cars for Christmas? Gag me. This is romance? This is family Christmas values? The ads are just awful. And what about global warming?

Speaking of which. There are many, many new ads, mostly with kids, many paid for with your tax dollars, that are chock full of hand-wringing about GW. It is a movement, folks. And all the right people are just SO concerned and if we all do our part, we can make a difference. What stuff. Doing our part seems to mean buying a hybrid. So congratulate yourself. There was a well-known economist on CNBC yesterday who said, rightly, that all our energy-efficiency gains of recent decades have been offset by consumer's increased use of energy, and, wrongly, that if we're going to control energy use we must force consumers to use less. Crap.

Using energy is good. It gives us the things that make life enjoyable. And there is no difference between "renewable" and "non-renewable" energy. The world is a limitless source of energy. The recent high energy prices will stimulate the development of more supply. It has happened over and over in our history. Bright minds are presently working feverishly to bring more supply to market because they are going to make money doing it. And more energy use leads to a CLEANER environment. Wealthy, developed nations have cleaner air and water than poorer nations, and are vastly cleaner than they were decades and centuries ago. There are volumes of data that prove this.

The only constraint on how much energy you should "use" is how much you can afford.

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Laura said...

They do the same thing with those hideous generic diamond necklaces from Zales and Kay. The wife is always shocked and delighted and its really sad.