Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Jamie's first day of school

Wow, am I behind in blog posts or what? I haven't posted anything yet about our Brigantine vacation, or about finally selling Newton, or several other significant summer events -- but I can't miss this landmark occasion.  Here's Margot walking Jamie to the bus for his first day of kindergarten.

This reminded Dad of another picture, taken so long ago that it's faded from spending too much time in a frame. That time it was Luke, escorting Caleb and Laura to the bus stop on Laura's first day of kindergarten. Right after the picture was taken, he burst into tears because he was afraid that when the bus arrived, he'd have to get on in his bare feet.

Yes, it's a cliche to ask where the time goes. But where does the time go?


Caleb said...

We should re-take this photo with our older selves.

Mom said...

Oh, please do!

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