Monday, January 02, 2017

Recent pics and videos

We just put nearly our entire photo and family video collection on google photos, making it much easier to sort and share. I'm gonna try to send and post more photos going forward. Here are some recent ones from Christmas and the surrounding days.


Mom said...

These are wonderful. Thanks!

I agree about Google photos. It's free, it's search-able by face fairly accurately, there are basic editing features and the photos can be shared, downloaded, organized into albums or whatever quite easily. I scanned our paper photos from your childhoods into a new Gmail account a few months ago, and I have more to add eventually. I can't remember whether I sent the address and password to all of you then, but I'll send it again.

Laura said...

Hehehe their faces in the shark pic are a riot.

Mom said...

Margot is absurdly cute.