Monday, November 28, 2016

Great memories of Great Murphy

I'm behind in making a post in memory of Edna Mae Koeber Murphy, but that's not because she hasn't been on my mind. She was the last parent, grandparent, great-grandparent and great-great-grandparent of her generation. Throughout her long life, she was an inspiration (even if sometimes a little maddening) for her extraordinary energy, cheerfulness, appetite for life and ability to enjoy everything and everyone around her.  

Here's what must be one of the first pictures ever taken of her:

and one of the last:

And here's a random sampling, in no particular order, of everything in between. 

So many smiles!


Dad said...

Wow. Thank you, sweetie.

Laura said...

I love that picture of her and Grandma Frey. It's funny, I always think they are holding flowers but it appears to be a cabbage or some other vegetable.

Mom said...

It's a head of lettuce, and I love the picture, too. Our joyful mothers having a little fun.

Look back and forth between that first baby picture and at Margot in her lap in the next one. Compare the hairline, the ears, the cheeks, the lower lip, the expression. It's a little spooky! I still think that Margot actually looks more like Kate, but goodness gracious.

Caleb said...

I've been looking at that photo for 30 years and never noticed that they're not holding flowers.

Caleb said...

Maybe not 30 years. It's from your wedding, right?

Mom said...

Probably about 30 years. Mary Link took that picture in our backyard on Main Street in Ashfield, so it was taken sometime between 1985, when we moved in, and 1988, the last summer we lived there. I framed it and it's been on display somewhere in our house pretty much ever since.