Monday, October 03, 2016

Win a Prize!!!

It's been a long time since we had a blog contest.  So, let's have one.  There are four images in the above picture.  Do you see them?  If you can identify all four, you will win $10 cash.  You must describe them accurately and without ambiguity.  I am the sole judge. 


Dad said...

Clicking to enlarge is recommended. Contestants may not be married to contest promoter.

Laura said...

There you have:

1. The moon
2. The reflection of the moon on the water
3. A fire
4. The outline of mom's head in front of the fire.

Dad said...

We have a winner! Congratulations, Laura. You're answer was perfect in every way. You will soon be ten dollars richer.

Was it too easy?

Laura said...

No, I'm just really smart.

Dad said...

Mom sez I meant your not you're.

Mom said...

Laura, did you ever get your $10?