Thursday, August 18, 2016

When I say I'll be back

then I will be back.

Please note that this was now posted 18 days ago without follow up:

We met up with Mom and went to Cesky Krumlov. They have a castle:

This is what the town looks like a night, as seen from the castle. 

The castle has ducks.

This photo was taken before the tour guide told us not to take pictures. This is the oldest surviving Baroque Theater in Europe. 

We went on a boat trip. Mom was our fearless leader.

Some Freys in a boat.

Some Freys not in a boat.

View of the town from the river. 

Our cousin Olivia is very cute.

We went to another castle. This castle was owned by the Schwarzenberg's . They have a raven eating the eyes of a Turk on their Coat of Arms and it was all over the castle. 

Prague castle as seen from our hotel room. 

Proof that I was there. 

Han Solo.

The astronomical clock. 

Pretty. I miss this city.


Mom said...


Mom said...

The pictures of Olivia are adorable!

Dad said...

Thanks you, Laura. I want a castle.
Mom is a babe. Didja see those legs?

Mom said...

What Laura didn't tell you about the Schwarzenberg family symbol of a raven eating the eyes out of a dead Turk is that the family patriarch actually got the idea hundreds of years ago when he saw the real thing happen on a battlefield. He was so delighted by the sight that when he got home from the war, he ordered up a design for his family coat of arms and -- as Laura said -- decorated his insanely opulent family home with it, everywhere he could. People are really strange.