Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A non-Prague interlude.

This is the Conway High School graduating class of 1914. The young woman standing at the upper right with the string of beads at her throat is Dad's grandmother and Grandma Murphy's mother.  Her name when the picture was taken was Clara May Twining, and later Clara Twining Koeber.  I see Claire, and Grandma, and maybe even a hint of Laura. The young woman in the lower left with the lacy blouse is named Edna Graves. I believe that she was Clara Twining's dear friend and that Grandma may be her namesake. The two men standing beside Clara are Richard Totman and Sherman Arms, and the two students seated with Edna Graves are Charles Cooper and Jeannette Sinclair.  This photo is from the collection of the Conway Historical Society, where it's identified as a gift of Edna Murphy, though they have her dates wrong.

And here, also from the Historical Society's collection and a gift of Edna Murphy, are Clara May Twining Koeber's baby shoes:

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