Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jamie Comes to Visit

On our way to the pumpkin patch!

We had to do a lot of running. Unfortunately the pumpkin patch was full of predators and we were herbivores. Scary stuff.

Jamie said he wanted a pumpkin as big as the car, but when it came time to choose he went for the small ones. Easier to carry!


Dad said...

Why was Jamie visiting you? Where were his parents? Who is the girl with the attitude in the picture?

Uncle Bob said...

well, Dad. No answers for you.

Laura said...

Jamie just showed up on the doorstep and asked if he could hang out. I said, sure. The girl with the attitude has been following me around for years now. I'm really not sure of her name.

Actually, Jamie's parents were at a wedding in Philadelphia so he stayed with us for the weekend!

Mom said...

I've heard that the girl with the attitude changed her name recently. She probably did it to make it harder for Laura to figure out who's been following her around.

Dad said...

Lucky you! To have Jamie visit I mean.