Sunday, September 13, 2015

A few shots from the Cape

One of many lobster rolls. This one had a ton of meat and was delicious, but not the best I had. It was served at a pier where you could watch seals swim while you ate. 

The rest of the pictures are from our day in Provincetown. In the evening we walked the causeway, a one mile rock wall across P'town's harbor to protect it from shifting sands and erosion. It leads to beaches on the other side of the harbor, and takes about 45 minutes to cross. 

Looking back at P'Town about halfway across. The water on the left is protected behind the wall, on the right is the harbor. The tide is going out, and there is a current of water flowing through the rocks from the left to the right. You might notice the left side has a higher water line than the left, and the currents on the right that aren't on the left.

This is the far end, looking back at Provincetown.

We found a family of foxes living on the dunes.

On the walk back the the sun was going down.  Given the opportunity I would walk it again at fully low tide. There were tons of seabirds, crabs and shellfish, and other interesting things to look at.

We left P'town and hit up a drive-in theater on the way back to our hotel in Yarmouth for some dinosaur action. Don't tell Jamie.

Most of the rest of the vacation was spent at beaches or restaurants, and didn't really lend itself to pictures.


Laura said...

Where are the pics of the sharks?!

The drive in looks fun. I've never been to one.

Mom said...

I love the fox family!

Caleb said...

We need some more blog posts ASAP. Every time I open up the blog I want a lobster roll.