Saturday, July 11, 2015

First World Problems

The best one ever is Mom's.  When she left her Kindle and her Ipad at Caleb's, she had to read her books on her phone.  Tell THAT to someone 20 yrs. ago.
Here's mine:
While playing poker, in the screenhouse, my battery ran low, and I had to divert the 12ga extension cord from the popup to the screen house. 

There's a guy up here who is proud because he's "off the grid".  Yet he has a generator and propane.  So he pays through the teeth for electrical power, when he could have it for $0.12 per Kwh, the same price it was 25 years ago.  There is no cure for stupid, except experience, which in his case didn't help at all.

On the farm, I paid $9.00 a day for electrical power.  Try to imagine all the things that nine dollars a day did for me.  I can't list it all.  Then try to imagine what that nine dollars would have bought me in human labor.  Electricity is a bargain.  Energy supplants human labor and makes modern life possible.   


Dad said...

Second comment wins First Comment Prize.

Dad said...

I WIN!!!!!

Dad said...

Man, you guys are slow. S-L-O-W. Slow.

Mom said...

Another first world problem: if we turn our backs on our beautiful flowery pastoral sweep of lawn down to the
lake ... the geese show up, and it takes an hour to clean up after them.