Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pictures from the wedding

Almost ready.

Tables under Rob's tent.

Dad's not in the picture because he was doing this:

Peter is always chic.

Flower children.

Ana, Selena and Dad.

Wny we were there.

A wedding crasher.

The Ring Bear.

And the rings.

Aunt Kay and Cousins Mary, Ann and Kay.

Uncle Larry and Uncle Tom.


It's too bad this is blurry, but Liz looks so happy, I had to post it anyway.

The Cool Cousins, or so they claim.

Trevor's toast.



Liz shows Aunt Kay her September 11 weaving.

The aftermath.


Claire Newbold said...

Beautiful pics Cassie! Was the wedding on their property? The ring Bear looks just like Luke in his younger days!

Mom said...

Claire, yes, the wedding was at their house. The wedding ceremony took place on their deck, and Rob designed and built the tent.

The Ring Bear does look a bit like Luke but is the son of their good friends and no relation.

Mom said...

Also, the woods in the background behind the house apparently belong to their neighbor, Courtney Love.

Liz said...

These are wonderful pictures, Cath! And the first ones we've seen. Thank you so much for posting!