Sunday, March 18, 2012

How I spent the weekend

Careful preparations:
and great hats
not to mention shades
and then there are SHADES.  This is my father's Cousin Tolly.  She will be 86 on her next birthday, she just retired a few months ago from 44 years as the City Chamberlain of Hornell, NY, she was Grand Marshall of the parade, leading off something like 80 McCarthys and another hour's worth of fire trucks, Girl Scout Troops and bagpipe bands in her golf cart, she's more fun than a barrel of boas and beads, and don't try to outlast her at the bar late at night on St. Patrick's Day after a long day of marching, meeting far-flung family and drinking -- you will fail.  But you'll have fun doing it!

These are "The Renas." We all had nametags that showed our McCarthy heritage: Mine said, "Rena; Jack; Cathy." All of us who were Rena's descendants -- that is, my dad's mother, Catherine "Rena" McCarthy Frey -- gathered for this shot. More were absent than were there, but nonetheless, she would have loved it.

More to come!

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