Thursday, November 03, 2011


After an exhausting two days (even WITH movers we were still completely beat last night) we are finally moved in. There are still a number of kinks to be worked out, but we have internet as of 20 minutes ago, and that's what's important. Now, furniture shopping. We threw out our bed during the move, and have no bookshelves or a sofa.

The future kid's room (for now, a staging area):

The kitchen:

The dining area:

We have a pair of Ikea dining room chairs and an Ikea loveseat that are available (the chairs for free to family, and available now, the loveseat for a small amount and available once we get a real couch). Let me know if you're interested.


Caleb said...

Chairs are gone. Go Craigslist.

Mom said...

Are you completely bedless, or did you keep the mattress?

Caleb said...

Kept the mattress, have it on the floor. The Ikea bed wasn't gonna last much longer. Looking at replacement options now.

Dad said...

Future kid?

Caleb said...

Well, I meant the future room of the kid, but the room of the future kid works too.

Dad said...

Wait. Where is the room right now?

Did you have to use a special camera to get a picture of it?