Monday, October 24, 2011

The World Serious

Seen any? It's one of the best in a while. Ron Washington and Tony LaRussa are worth watching. If you missed the 9th inning last night when Ron Washington came out to take his young starter out of the game after he threw 116 pitches and walked a batter while not allowing a run, you missed a lovely piece of theater. There were two hand-held cameras. One behind Washington and one catching Holland in profile. Close up! The shots would alternate between Washington (From behind) shaking his head as he said, "You've done well, son, but Neftali is gonna close it out," and Holland (from the side) saying, "But, coach, I can get a ground ball for a double play and finish this thing." The exchange went back and forth several times before Washington raised his right arm and called for Feliz.
Washington is smart. He sent Holland off to the cheers of the Texas crowd.

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Laura said...

Unfortunately I haven't been watching it...I keep forgetting it's on!