Saturday, September 03, 2011

Red Sox and Yankees

The Red Sox and Yankees have had TWELVE lead changes in the division race so far this season. I went back and checked the past few years, since the Red Sox got good in 2003, and this is really quite remarkable. They've never had as close of a race before across the entire season like this. Even in 2005 when they finished tied at the end, the Red Sox were actually leading by 3 games or so for most of the season. I suppose it makes it slightly less exciting that the loser of the race is practically guaranteed to get the Wild Card spot, but still, this is quite a race!


Dad said...

It's good for baseball. Still, you see more empty seats at Fenway late in the game. And NESN's ratings are falling. Some of the magic of being the underdog is gone.

"Safe at second. Safe and secure. New York Life."

Laura said...

Too bad the Red Sox are totally blowing it right now.

Dad said...

Yeah, we get Crawford and Lackey and big contracts. They, the Rays, I mean, get Hellickson and Jennings. There are teams fielding teams that are only marginally worse than the RS for a fraction of the price.

Gripe, gripe, gripe.

Yes, I know we didn't get Lackey from TB. He's just a fer instance.