Thursday, December 09, 2010

Look who's fourth in the nation

and first in New York State for JPI (Jersey Performance Index):

(click to enlarge) We are, that's who!

Just so you know, it was 5 below zero five minutes ago when Dad went up to the barn. By the time he got back just now, it was 6 below. And it isn't even winter yet! (I assume this is happening because dihydrogen monoxide hasn't been banned yet . . . )


Dad said...

@2:45 am, 8 below zero and the milk room was 29 degrees. The driveway sparkled like diamonds in the sea.

Luke Murphy said...


Dad said...

Yeah, well, there are now two lists. One that includes only non-genomically tested cows and one that includes only traditionally evaluated cows. Many of the best cows have been moved, by virtue of being "genomically tested" to the other list. That is why we jumped from 15th to 4th. We only have a couple genomically tested cows.

It's a big mess for dubious results. The genomic thing is just another money maker for the AJCA.

It's one of a couple of recent