Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who Said This?

"I've always loved the flirtatious tango of consonants and vowels, the sturdy dependability of nouns and capricious whimsy of verbs, the strutting pageantry of the adjective and the flitting evanescence of the adverb, all kept safe and orderly by those reliable little policemen, punctuation marks. Wow! Think I got my ass kicked in high school?"

No cheating!


Dad said...


Laura said...

I know. But only cause I cheated.

Luke Murphy said...

Yeah, I didn't really expect anybody to be able to guess it, I just thought it was a hilarious quote.

The answer is Dennis Miller.

Dad said...

You won't believe this, but I was gonna say Dennis Miller. Then I wondered why Luke would put up a Dennis Miller quote and said "Nah". But there must be something in the quote that sounded like him, as he ws the only one i thought of.

Of which I thought.

Mom said...

I considered cheating as well because I had no clue. I still have no clue even now -- I didn't know who Dennis Miller was until Dad explained.

However: of WHOM I thought.

Laura said...

I thought of which.