Friday, August 14, 2009

This Jerk Is Your President

See Neoneocon for a discussion of this stuff. See E's comments in particular (Now, it's personal) .


Luke Murphy said...

Pfft, and this is supposed to be one of Obama's town hall meetings for combating "misinformation?" What a fraud this man is.

"His statement was part of a tendency of his to speak out authoritatively on matters about which he knows nothing or almost nothing.

One of the most off-putting things about Obama is his arrogance. And it’s not just a personal arrogance, it’s an intellectual arrogance as well. The most dangerous ignorance is the ignorance of a person who doesn’t know what he/she doesn’t know. And it’s even more dangerous when someone who fits that description—Barack Obama—is in a position of great power and filled with the righteousness of his cause, as well as the ruthlessness of the true believer."

That's a great quote that basically sums up a lot of what I worry about with Obama. He's so high on everybody's Obamalove that he thinks he can just get up there and say anything he wants. Honestly, I think he sees himself as a bit of a god.

Luke Murphy said...

To add to that last point, you can certainly see why that's the case walking around a place like New York City. I've seen quite a few t-shirts calling Obama "The Chosen One." Yeah, I know that that is supposed to be a bit of a pun, but it's still ridiculous.