Sunday, July 05, 2009

Philly is an interesting place...

for the Fourth of July.

There is a parade and everything.

The colonial militia came.

And some Civil War soldiers.

Even Abe Lincoln was there.

I wish I knew what this was all about.

How exciting.

We had 7 different kinds of ice cream. It was great.

Impressive fireworks.

The Phillies are lame, but I sure like their ballpark.

The Savoy Company singing the national anthem.

Trash on the field. Classic Philly.

I'm a little bored. Can you tell?


Dad said...

No! Great Post! Seems pretty exciting to me!

Mom said...

Lots of cultchah! But where are the cheese steaks?

Love the fireworks photograph.

Laura said...

I didn't mean I'm bored in life, I was just bored when I decided to make a random post about my 4th of July.

I didn't take the fireworks picture, unfortunately. My camera died just before. I stole that from the internets.