Saturday, August 18, 2012

Comment verification

The blog has been under attack from spammers in the past week.  If you get email notification of new comments, as I do, you must have noticed the barrage of dozens of daily spam comments.  Most of them haven't shown up on the blog, courtesy of Blogger's good spam filter.  Still, my email inbox is crammed full of garbage.  I'm tired of it and can't find the email I need to see, so I am temporarily turning comment word verification back on.  I know it's a pain.  When the spammers get discouraged and go away, I'll turn it back off again. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Red Sox

Felix Hernandez pitches a perfect game.  But Aaron Cook, a seasoned veteran, gets a tapper back to the mound, whips around towards second in an effort to start an inning-ending double play, and makes a panic throw into center field, throwing away a RS lead, and making one of the worst plays I've ever seen.  Adrian Gonzales and Bobby Valentine get thrown out of the game after whining that AG "wasn't ready" for a pitch that he swung at.  These ARE your father's Red Sox.     

What, me worry?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Brent Lillibridge Hits a Home Run

For the Indians!  So we're not ahead, we're behind. 

Scott Podsednik was traded to Arizona a little over a week ago.  He played for the Red Sox last night.  If HE had hit a home run, it would have counted for Arizona, right?

And, oh yeah, Derek Lowe is a Yankee. 

Baseball has gotten totally weird.